Are you a victim of

Canadians have lost over

$7.2 Million

from COVID-19 related fraud!

Source: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

The Fraud Book will help you identify potential threats and give you the knowledge needed to stop cyberfraud before it happens.

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cyberfraud you are a victim of!

The Tree of Cyberfraud

Play through the presentation to see the various roots and fruits of cyberfraud, or zoom in where you want to see how different types of cyberfraud are connected!

Check out some recent videos of Claudiu Popa, author of The Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook!

The Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook is a professional reference book that uses research from hundreds of real-life cases to educate professionals in identifying and preventing various forms of cyberfraud. It’s an engaging and provoking book that strikes the balance between clarity and brevity, and includes an appendix with 100 examples of various forms of cyberfraud.

You can click on the picture to look at the book’s table of contents, or here to check it out from the Toronto Library.

Have you or someone you know been a victim of cyberfraud?

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